so this blog is done now b/c i’m done school and i’m kind of done with tumblr, honestly. 
i’m not going to delete it, i’m just not going to post on it or anything. 
if you have any questions, comments, signatures you’d like me to print out and add to my yearbook, etc., shoot me an ask or something. so long as you send it by the end of july, i’ll do my best to get back to you in a timely fashion. after that, i’m going to be pretty busy so i can’t really guarantee anything, but i will try to respond at some point.
a massive thank you for following and whatnot, though. i’m floored and flattered you found my dumb blog worth keeping track of. 

thanks, tumblr. 
it’s been real.

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Hello again, dear friends (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

Want to present you my new house I have built it, tried, very good :D

A little background on why he has such an unusual form:
Resident trailer expected to stay in it for at least a year until you find housing, but after a few years he is accustomed to his trailer and drove him to a quiet place, m 4 years later built there, 2 floor ( from another trailer was found in the desert). Now :D

Well, I hope you’ll like it, I really want whatever it was.
Love You <33333333 ( ◡‿◡ ♡)

D O W N L O A D 

If only this was real.